Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Breach of 1554.00 was Short-Lived - Leg 1 of Bull Break Looming on TREND Chart

10:10pm Breaching 1554.00 was rather brief and PRICE took a turn for the worst as it went the other way, breaching last PRIME Support at 1546.75 on the TRADING Chart. Now, Leg 1 of Bull Break is looming on the TREND Chart as PRICE heads closer to the PRIME Support level of 1540.50 - It would be a really close one if PRICE is able to avoid breaching this level altogether.
10:35pm One of those "deep" pullbacks in PRICE. Looks like 1540.50 is safe...for now.
10:55pm Potential LONG here.
10:56pm LONG 1548.75 / STOP 1547.75
11:00pm Moving STOP to 1548.25
11:01pm Out at 1548.50 / -0.25pts. Got out because of PRICE Failure.
11:02pm That trade looks like an early entry. Will wait for another one.
11:29pm I'm done for the night. Have to prepare some quotations for my late morning appt tomorrow. 1 Trade. 1 Loser.

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